About #10DoT

What is #10DoT?

Help your colleagues or students discover how to develop their professional network with Twitter

Despite its reputation as a vehicle for celebrity gossip, Twitter is actually a powerful way to:

  • make professional contacts in your field
  • promote your work
  • stay up to date with the latest information, opportunities, publications and resources

Ten Days of Twitter or #10DoT is an online course which, in 10 minutes a day over 10 days, gets participants tweeting and building up your professional network.

Participants might join us if they’ve ever wondered how Twitter works and how it might be relevant in a professional academic context, or if they’ve experimented with Twitter before but would like to explore further how it could help them professionally and learn a few extra tricks.

The course covers:

  • the basics – how to set up an account, follow people and send tweets
  • the conventions (@, #, RT, etc.)
  • etiquette and social conventions
  • the plethora of ‘apps’ or third party tools to add on
  • strategies for tweeting effectively and building a network

Participants will explore Twitter together, focusing very practically and specifically on what Twitter can offer a professional in higher education. It is tailored for academic staff (Faculty lecturers, librarians, student support staff and others). We will be covering the basics and some more advanced tips on using Twitter in an academic context, and as such, the materials are very tailored for academic and academic-related members of staff or students at specific universities or professional bodies, the kinds of work they do and how Twitter can enhance their professional activities. During each of the Ten Days of Twitter, the facilitator publishes a daily short post on a small aspect of Twitter on the #10DoT blog, to get you up and running and exploring what Twitter might offer you. Participants will be set a small task with instructions each day, which can be undertaken at any time. Participants will interact with each other too on Twitter, so they can quickly build up your network of other tweeters on the programme and beyond!


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