encouraging and measuring engagement in #10DoT

There’s been another flurry of interest in #10DoT recently, with new iterations of the programme from ARU and YSJ, suggestions of other ways in which the format could be adapted and enquiries about measuring engagement. The latter is one which I found quite tricky on the programmes I ran – it’s hard to ascertain what exactly you’re measuring. Is it sign-ups? Active tweeters? Subscribers to the blog or views of each page? Those who finished the programme?

This ties in also with the issue of how to encourage participants to, well, participate more actively, as well as to observe and measure that engagement. @philvincent at York St John has come up with a neat way of doing both, while adding an element of gamification to the programme. He’s discovered an app called Rise which he’s used to create a ‘league table’ board for tweeters, so those who use the hashtag, retweet and @mention the programme score points.