Versions of #10DoT

There have been several iterations of the #10DoT programme which I have run. Each version is slightly different, depending on the profession of the participants and the local context.  The materials have also evolved slightly each time, as I have refined the programme and responded to changes in Twitter’s functionality and new apps. Below is a summary of the versions I have run.

#STEM10DoT (2013) Ten Days of Twitter was first developed at Cambridge University for STEM early career researchers.

#LD10DoT (2013) was run simultaneously to the #STEM10DoT programme, for Learning Developers across the UK (and beyond) as part of the activities of the Association of Learning Developers in Higher Education. I am a member of ALDinHE’s Working Group for Professional Development and #LD10DoT was run as part of a wider online professional development programme, #LD5D or Five Things for Learning Developers. This is a 23Things programme, only shorter and modular.

#ARU10DoT (2013-14) was run at Anglia Ruskin University. There were a number of iterations, for both academic staff and for librarians and student services professionals.

#10DoT elsewhere

As #10DoT is available under a Creative Commons license, it can be freely adapted and reused if made available under the same agreement. Iterations run at other universities which I am aware of include:

If you are running your own version, do let me know how you get on! I will link to any future iterations I am aware of here, so we can see how the materials have been adapted and developed in other contexts.


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